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Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie Episode 01 Hindi Dubbed

shikimori’s not just a cutie >> Hindi subbed and Dubbed or explanation is available The boyfriend in this series is very unlucky and the one who is his girlfriend is very much engaged in it, now we have to see Unlucky vs Lucky.

There is a boy in town as he is getting ready for his first school and then his mother speaks

Here comes the first episode of this web series which gives us the introduction, tells in which the boy is unlucky and the girl protects her boyfriend, which is shown in this, a school is shown where he goes to school, shows in the starting That it is the first day of school before going to the next class, pray for both of us that both of us are in the same class

There is a list on a big board which class he will go to and he sees that first of all the name of his boyfriend is written at the top in 4B class and after that the name of his friend Mori Shaan. Finds the one at the bottom and sees that it is also available in the same class

Both are very happy to see this, then we are shown a scene of the class in which the introduction is done of the students and in which the one who is our hero, what they say so much is of UnLucky that only his tongue twists while speaking.  the whole class laughs at him

On changing the sim it is shown that he is so unlucky that a duster which is cleaning the black board slips out of the hands of the madam and it is about to hit her head directly that the learned Mori will come there. She holds the Duster in her hand and as soon as she punches it, the Duster falls over Shikimori’s where it is shown that no matter what happens, Shoes are available for Him.

Hero is so lucky that it will be shown in the whole series whether their relationship will last for the whole series or will end after watching the first and second episodes, it cannot be said but there is a slight inclination from the side of the hero. Where it seems that there is definitely some danger from the hero’s side, this film and Suresh is available from Mause India YouTube Channel.


If you are single then this is going to be a great series for you, yes every Sunday Saturday is releasing on Mouse De India on YouTube channel, this show is going to be released on Shikimori’s not just a Cutie (2022) now to see what will happen this friend Will they be able to become or will they be able to move forward, will their life enter further or something else?

Best Dialog in Shikimori’s not just a Cutie (2022) in Hindi

Girl Friend :- You just stay with me, no matter what anyone says, I don’t care,

Boy Friend :- Shikimori’s is very cute and that’s why

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