Dhruv Rathee ki Shaadi kab hai | Shopping for Indian Wedding!

Dhruv Rathee

Dhruve Rathe Shadii

was married on 21 November 2021, but now the new blog has come up on his YouTube channel, which has been shown shopping for Merit Shopping, where Dhruv Rathi is seen choosing different cities and dresses. Although they are married in Germany, now they want to marry with Indian culture, they are going to marry twice, one according to German culture and now according to Indian culture Dhruv Rathi’s shopping video is trending number 1 on YouTube, yes friends trending number one on YouTube, finally he has taken the time to merit according to Indian style, now it remains to be seen when it is probably the world’s most India will be the best news for him on a YouTube with Germany Julia on Happy Married Life

who is dhruv Rathee?

If you do not know who is Dhruv Rathee¬†then let me tell you that Dhruv Rathi is a youtuber who makes his videos in political and social he and is also able to explain India’s economy Dhruv Rathi has 2 channels Ek Room Rathi And on one Dhruv Rathi block Dhruv Rathi block, he has told everything about his journey to travel and you travel expense everything. Dhruv Rathi wants to tell this country to the news media with his words that New Singh can also be done in the right way, as you also know that news in India is not hundred percent pure, because of this Dhruv Rathi ji has started his channel. But take out the hundred percent and show

Dhruv Rathee childhood photo

In this video Dhruv Rathi shows that we are going for shopping, we go by car and after that it is shown that Dhruv Rathi has come to his maternal grandmother’s house where he also shows his childhood photo.

Dhruv Rathi and his wife Jenny Rathi who were honeymooning in Dubai for 4 months The man enjoy the life


Now the YouTube star is married, then all the big YouTube  creators of india will be available, which will be a big event according to a great YouTube contact and the upcoming marriage of these two will give a lot of YouTube and a chance to get out of the house.

A photo of him smiling in Dhruv Rathi's sherwani
A photo of him smiling in Dhruv Rathi’s sherwani


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